Alexandra and Fiona Cameron-Martin (Alumni)

My daughters Catriona (Catie), Alexandra (Alix) and Fiona (Fifi) have very much been following in their mother’s footsteps (myself, Nica Lee) in attending one of the finest girls’ schools in Hong Kong, Maryknoll Convent School (MCS) although unlike their mother, they were more fortunate in having a Ballet School right at their doorstep at MCS, the Rosalind Lee School of Dancing (RLSD). Our family relocated to Melbourne over 10 years ago. The girls auditioned for the Australian Ballet School (ABS) upon our arrival in Melbourne and they were all accepted - the ABS is the most prestigious ballet school in Australia and the percentage of intake each year into the school is extremely low, I am sure starting young and attending the RLSD must have had some input in their success!

Ballet, as all of us converts know, is a wonderful form of activity for children especially for girls in giving them not only poise but a very disciplined upbringing which has helped them enormously in their school work, and now in higher education for Catie, who unlike Alix and Fifi (twins) is pursuing an academic career studying for a Masters degree in Education at Melbourne University. The twins on the other hand, after graduating from the Australian Ballet School are now, like their mother previously, pursuing a career in professional dancing engaged in ballet companies in Europe. Fifi is dancing with the Romanian National Ballet Company in Bucharest, and Alix is currently on tour with the Murley Dance Company, and will soon be joining the English National Ballet company in their production of Romeo and Juliet at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

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Mrs Mandy Ho (Parent)

We are pleased to see her attaining good results in both studies and dancing. Having received a scholarship, she was granted invaluable opportunities to attend overseas trainings in two renowned dancing centers in the last two summers, namely the Beijing Dancing Academy and the London Academy of Dancing. These are precious experiences for her as she had met lots of new friends coming from different nations, whom she could share with them the joy and pain in the dancing training. She was also exposed to different genres of dancing including both classical and contemporary styles.

We are grateful to see that Cherry has become a more confident and independent girl since learning ballet. We know we made the right decision years ago.

Ms Charlotte Wong (Student)

Ballet is a sport that strengthens our body muscles and flexibility. It also trains our ears to grow ourselves into a person with musicality without picking up a musical instrument - a sport that is healthy and enjoyable.

By judging on its great advantage, my parents got me into my first ballet lesson with RL School of Dance when I was four. After eleven years of training, I left when I was fifteen to study abroad. Two years ago, I returned as a mature student.

The reason why I am fond of the RL School is not only the expertise or qualifications each teacher has acquired or attained but also the passion each teacher possess. They have always been patient and attention to details on every student’s performance during the lesson. They also provide various training to meet different student’s abilities to enhance and improve their skills. Therefore, with no doubt, this ballet school is worth recommending to all new beginners.

Mrs Francine Fu (Alumni and parent)

I started taking lessons from RL School of Dance when I was 5 which helped to establish my love for ballet to this day. The lessons were always fun but at the same time, I was grounded in the basics which not only allowed me to progress successfully in my 10 years of formal ballet lessons but my general fitness and posture.  My daughter is now taking lessons from RL School of Dance and I am sure she will also benefit immensely from her ballet lessons.

Ms Sylvia Tsang (Teacher)

Without Dance, what's the 'POINTE'!   Dancing is like dreaming with your feet, I enjoy teaching to inspire toddlers to adults and helps to fine-tune their heart beat through their feet and body as a passion for life.

To dance and teach dance allow me and my students to find ourselves and to lose ourselves at the same time, the enjoyment to watch ourselves grow tall and stands out of our own.