RL School of Dance was established in 1968, and it is one of the oldest ballet schools in Hong Kong that focuses on Classical Ballet Training with an emphasis on the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Syllabus. The aim of RL School of Dancing is to develop children’s coordination, musicality, confidence, teamwork and awareness of others, not to mention poise and enjoyment of dancing!

The school has a permanent qualified teaching staff trained in classical ballet, modern dance, and jazz, with experience in performance and choreography. All our staffs are RAD qualified teachers with many years of teaching experience.

The school has an excellent track record, with many students winning HK-wide competitions and dance scholarships. These include success in the Star Award organised by the HK Ballet Group and honorary award in the HK Schools Dance Festival for several years. Students at all levels regularly perform in public at charity and other events. Although the core training at the school is based on ballet, the students are exposed to other forms of dance, such as jazz, tap, yoga and hip hop.

Every year, our school invites visiting professionals or teachers from London to organize workshops for our students, bringing fresh ideas and new inspiration to the students and faculty members.  Besides weekly lessons, we encourage our students to participate in external activities, performance, competitions or exchange programmes in well known dancing schools. Activities include the participation in the ballet performance ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’, travelling to London to join the RAD Summer School, and visited the Beijing Dance Academy, going to Taipei National University of Arts for ballet, jazz, yoga and creative dancing classes taught by international renowned teachers, and they visited the studio of Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan (雲門舞集) and was greeted by the Founder and Artistic Director Lim Hwai- Min (林懷文). Some of our senior students are also studying in ballet schools abroad, such as the Melbourne Ballet School. 

Rosalind Lee discovered her passion for dance as a teenager. She decided to pursue a career in dance and left for London to train at the Royal Academy of Dance. She was one of the earliest graduates of the RAD to return and teach in Hong Kong. She obtained the Licentiate of RAD in 1963, and holds the title of LRAD, ARAD and AISTD.  She has been teaching exclusively at the Maryknoll Convent School for over 40 years. She has also been active in the Hong Kong ballet community. She has served as the chair of the RAD Hong Kong Committee and continues to advise them on their programmes of dance education in Hong Kong.  We organized the RAD Summer School at the Academy for Performing Arts where over 200 HK ballet students participated.

“The aim of my school is to encourage the young generation to take part in dance and to develop in them a lasting appreciation of the value of the arts in our society.”

Rosalind Lee